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When I'm not armed with a camera and chasing after your children, i'm that real chic that keeps it 100% and tells it like it is!!

So love me or hate me...makes no difference to me!

Because on this page all your going to get is.....

The real tonya dailey.

Industry COPYCATS: Love them or hate them?

Personally I can give a rat’s *** about ….

Because at the end of the day they will NEVER be you!!! 

I used to get emails from people about XYZ photographer copying my style but I just brush it off and keep it moving. I mean seriously no matter how hard someone tries to be like you they will never be you, each person is blessed with a certain sense of style and no one will be able to imitate that so don’t sweat it!! 

I see so many photographers, clothing designers, etc etc on facebook ranting and raving about people copying their work. Folks stop letting what others do affect your flow, if you too busy whining about the copycat that means your not working on your business. Don’t get so wrapped up in this social media drama and BS, it will consume you and drive you COO COO!!!!

Just remember copycats only get so far in life, they can’t think for themselves because if they could they wouldn’t be trying to be like you. Think about it……

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